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Yotta Media Labs are changing how people watch TV around the world

With a bespoke offering including consultancy, application development and online platform services, Yotta Media Labs believes everyone should be able to have the best TV experience wherever they are. Our clients are some of the biggest brands worldwide, often trusting us with top secret projects and challenges which have our London based team pushing new boundaries every day.

In a fast paced ever changing world Yotta Media Labs are at the forefront of the technology providing trusted innovative solutions for TV’s and set-top boxes.



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Find out all about the many services Yotta delivers for its clients.

Yotta Media Labs and HD PLUS share the vision of bringing the user experience of today’s TV consumption to the next level. Yotta Media Labs knows how to make the best use of the latest technology as well as help drive specification enhancements to ensure that HD PLUS design and usability concepts can be realised to create outstanding products.
— Georges Agnes, Chief Operating Officer at HD PLUS
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